Thursday, September 16, 2010


One day at work, we were trying to come up with some interesting ideas for plush toys for boys. We wanted something like Ugly Dolls, but not so cutie patootie. So I jumped on Illustrator and started making things with basic shapes and before I knew it, these snot-green monstrosities came out of my brain and the BOOGORZ were born!

Needless to say, they weren't used.

They look a lot like this cycloptic city-destroying monster I did back in school for the animated intro to The Super Danger Action Team, so I guess I wasn't done with making green nasties with staring orbs and chompy mouths. What can I say. I'm nothing if not devoted.

I named them Clampor, Tentaclon, Double Chomp, Huggor, Slugfang, Oculon and Sleech.

Aren't they the cutest?