Friday, November 26, 2010

I HAVE THE POWER! (To Erase Pencil Marks)

Back in 1982, me and my best friend were nuts for Masters of the Universe. We played with He-man figures almost exclusively for an entire year and we weren't going to let a little thing like being in school stop us from doing that.

Luckily, we had these official Masters of the Universe figural erasers! You see, this was a brilliant loophole for us in the whole "No Toys in School" rule since these little colorful figures were technically erasers, with which one could erase their wrong math quiz answers in  order to right down the correct answer, and they didn't want us getting answers wrong, did they?! These weren't toys! These were school supplies!


We would sooner eat another kid's booger before we would sully our beloved MOTU erasers, but the loophole worked well enough to keep these little rubbery heroes and villains in our desks, ready to be whipped out in a moment's notice in case any spare play time presented itself.

Here we have He-man himself, who doesn't really look like He-man much in the face and his flesh colored boots gives him sort of a disfigured-lower-leg look, but that didn't matter back then. He's a cheap eraser, so we shouldn't epect much. In fact, you shouldn't expect too much from any of these eraser figures.

Next we have Man-at-Arms (which I always thought was a weird name, and more of a title, really). This eraser looks pretty good except for his bizarre left arm position. Is he punching the air? Is he scratching his armpit with his mace? No idea...

Here we have Teela, and I admit that this chick looks nothing like the Teela we all loved back in the day. What's with the green one piece swim suit with the '70s disco collar?

You can't have He-Man without Skeletor! This figure is actually pretty nicely done for a figural eraser. His feet are nice and big to keep him standing and his colors are pretty accurate considering. Too bad the one (which I got on eBay as a lot) has a chewed up sword. But then again, I understand the temptation.

Next up is Skeletor's right hand man, Beastman! Always one of my favorite action figures, his sad figural eraser representation got robbed of a weapon. Oh well. He's orange, and I love things that are orange.

And finally, we have the mighty Merman, complete with his Corn Sword (a term which I still claim I invented). In fact, his Corn Sword is crazy prominent in this figure! Look at the size of it compare to the size of the other figures! It's massive! Out of all of the figural erasers, meant to represent the finest warriors in the universe, it's the fish guy that's the most ready to throw down.

So those are my Masters of the Universe figural erasers. Never did they back down from a fight during free time, and never did they eradicate a mis-spelled vocabulary word, for that would have gotten them dirty.