Friday, January 27, 2012

DC Heroes Fisher-Price Little People!

Get ready for super-powered dose of mega-cuteness.

A while back, during one of my many moments of searching eBay for Batman figures I don't have yet, I came across a listing for an adorable, chubby-cheeked, cherubic version of the Caped Crusader from the good folks at Fisher-Price (I would later see the Batgirl and Wonder Woman figures on Bubbashelby's blog, Toyriffic). And it was priced as if it was made out of 14k gold, so I passed on it. Well, over time, many more popped up on eBay, all a little too pricey for me (like, $15 for one figure), and since my area of the country is overrun by scumbag neckbeard scalpers and the fact that my nearest Toys R Us just closed (which I have mixed feelings about since it was such a horrendously bad TRU, but then again, it was all I had), I never did find my Campbell's Soup-kid look-alike Bats.

Then I took another business trip to San Diego, and on a whim, swung by a TRU just to see what they had. And lo and behold...

Ho... lee... Toledo! Are these figures cute! Now, I don't normally go in for buying infant/toddler toys, but since I've been going through a major DC Comics phase lately (thanks in part to Lego, which I'll blog about later), I just had to get them all. They rang in at $5.99 each, meaning two figures in each box, obviously, which is a price I can totally get down with.

That Batman is by far the cutest Batman in my entire collection. Totes adorbs.

I love the girls 2 pack, featuring Wonder Woman and Batgirl, which marks only the 2nd Wonder Woman figure in my collection (next to my vintage Super Powers figure).

And in yet another attempt by the universe to get me to stop hating Superman (the first swing that chipped away at my anti-Superman ice shield hit like the pick-axe of the Gods with the release of Mattel's Retro Action Superman, a figure I grudgingly bought and now dearly love), I have no choice but to adore this little button-eyed cutie in red and blue.

The Green Lantern goes without saying but seriously, take a good look at him, doesn't he look like that guy who plays "Cam" on Modern Family. Just sayin'.

So that's that for my latest toy score from my trip to sunny California. Lots more stuff to get too, but I'm afraid after today's raw, unadulterated cuteness, everything else I blog about from here on out is just gonna seem butt ugly.

Thanks for reading!