Sunday, July 14, 2013

My Totally Rad (Mostly) Tony Hawk Tech Deck Figure!

I love skatebording. And I love toys. So I really love skateboarding toys.

And when I spotted this little stylized figure of my all-time favorite pro skater, Tony Hawk, I wasted no time in dropping a few shekels on him. And by "a few" I mean, like, $5 shipped. BOOM!

There are several skaters in this series (which I believe is now defunct if the clearanced Chris Haslams I see peg-warming at TRU is any indication). But being an old-school dude (or just old, really), I don't really want the other guys. If they were little Lance Mountains or Rodney Mullens, that would be a different story.

Sadly, the figure looked cooler in the box. Once I got it out, it lost some charm. they gave poor Tony a pretty goofy-looking head on an obscenely long neck, and quite frankly, didn't capture his likeness at all.

The board he comes with (a Birdhouse deck, natch), has a little swiveling peg in it which fits into the holes of his feet, allowing him to do 180° shuvits (or 3240° shuvits if you just want to sit there spinning it all day).

And the peg allows for some cool poses. 

Frankly, I wish there was a bit more articulation instead of just the neck and shoulders, but this is coming from a guy who designs PVC blind box figures all day that don't pose at all, so maybe I should just shut up about that.

The good news is that his hands are perfect for holding weapons, which allows you to have a heart-pounding session of what I have dubbed "Battle Skating".

And thanks to my uncontrollable urge to buy every cool Tech Deck I see, Tony Now has some homies to skate with.

And make no mistake, that Ree Yees totally shreds.