Friday, October 29, 2010

The Bat Off is HERE!

Well, the big event is finally here! This is my official entry in the mighty "Bat Off" against my toy-blogging comrade, Chunky B from Eclectorama!

As many of you may already know, me and the B decided to go head to head in an all out, no holds barred, challenge to see who has the most Batman figures.

The rules were as follows:

1) They had to be 3 dimensional, head to toe representations of Batman (eg. no busts, candy filled heads, PEZ dispensers, etc.)

2) No doubles, but paint variations, and mass-produced bootlegs were allowed.

3) The must be loose. Nothing in the package. (Which actually forced me to open a couple.)

4) We will both post pics of our collections, with all figures clearly numbered, at exactly 8 AM PST.

5) Whoever has the most Batman figures that qualify, wins!

And that's pretty much it. The loser of the challenge will have to fork over one of their very own Batman figures to the winner and a special Batman-themed drawing by the loser declaring the other the ultimate Batman collector! I am putting up a 1977 Mego Pocket Heroes Batman against Chunky B's Campbell's Soup Mail-Away Batman.

So... without further ado... my Batman figure collection stands at a mighty...


And here they are! (click images to view full sized)

Boo-YA! Beat that, Chunky B! I got 77 of those pointy eared crime fighters!

Does Chunky B have what it takes to stand up to my massive collection? Let's head on over to Eclectorama and see!

And for those of you who may be curious, here is a list of all of the Batmans (Batmen?) you see above. Some are a mystery to me, so I've tried my best to name them all.

  1. First Appearance (Came with a cool book)
  2. Mystery Hasbro Batman
  3. Mexican bootleg
  4. Mattel Retro Action
  5. Mego Batman
  6. Applause Batman Returns
  7. Red Son Batman (aka "Sexy Hat Batman")
  8. Dark Knight Returns
  9. I forget this one. Got it in a comic shop.
  10. Blue & black Batman Begins 
  11. The Batman
  12. Mattel Super Friends all-black Batman
  13. Mexican bootleg (I got this from a street vendor in Ixtapa, Mexico)
  14. Thrillkiller Batman
  15. Chinese bootleg
  16. 1989 Batman
  17. 1964 parachute Batman
  18. Justice Lord Batman
  19. McDonald's Brave & Bold Batman
  20. Blue & gray Batman Returns
  21. Removable costume Bruce Wayne/Batman (from Batman Returns)
  22. Infinate Heroes Batman (blue & gray)
  23. Super Powers Batman
  24. Infinite Heroes (black & gray)
  25. '70s Batman PVC
  26. Infinite Heroes Public Enemies Batman
  27. Fuji Film exclusive Batman
  28. Brave & Bold little guy. Whatever they're called.
  29. Minimates Batman
  30. Lego Batman
  31. Trio Batman
  32. Bootleg pencil topper (found in Chicago)
  33. Dark Knight PVC
  34. Batman & Robin cereal premium
  35. Ertl die-cast Batman
  36. Snack premium from Argntina (Thanks Tomas!)
  37. JLA Subway Kid's Meal Batman
  38. Funko plush Batman
  39. New Frontier Batman
  40. I forget which one this is. Scuba diving Batman?
  41. Poo Batman (from the Batman/Clayface 2 Pack)
  42. DCUC all-black Batman
  43. DCUC blue & gray Batman
  44. Some DC Direct Bats
  45. I forget this one. 
  46. This one too.
  47. Some other DC Direct Bats.
  48. DCUC Public Enemies Batman
  49. DCUC black & gray Batman
  50. Batman Animated silver & black Bats
  51. Mego bendy Batman
  52. Batman Animated ripped costume Bats
  53. Dark Knight movie Batman
  54. '70s parachute Batman
  55. All-red Batman (Animated Series, I think?)
  56. Batman Begins movie Bats
  57. Brave & Bold Bats
  58. The Batman in bumble bee armor or whatever
  59. Bootleg Argentina Batman (again, thanks Tomas!)
  60. Another mystery Batman
  61. Imaginext blue & gray Bats
  62. Mego Pocket Heroes (bent knees) Batman
  63. Mego Pocket Heroes (straight legs) Batman
  64. Public Enemies DVD Exclusive
  65. McDonald's Animated Series Batman
  66. Hanging Zipline Batman (some fast food premium, but I forget which one)
  67. Fisher Price Batman
  68. Another hanging Batman (I think he may have been connected to something at one time)
  69. Microman Bats
  70. Imaginext black & gray Batman
  71. McDonald's Lego Batman
  72. Late '80s Batman PVC
  73. Batman Heroclix
  74. Ertl Batman Returns die-cast
  75. Imaginext Bat-cycle Batman
  76. Blammoid Batman
  77. Mego Die-cast Batman
And that's all of them! Whew!