Friday, October 29, 2010

Well, I have been defeated...

Well, folks, the Bat Off dropped this morning at 8 AM and the clear winner is the mighty Chunky B with his impressive 105 Batman figures to my measly 77 Batman figures.

Congrats, Chunky B!

I just want to say that this was so much fun and I tip my hat to my most worthy opponent, and sincerely want to thank everyone for following our epic challenge and leaving such great comments. I love my fellow toy geeks!

So, now I owe Chunky B an original Batman-themed drawing and a rare 1977 Mego Pocket Heroes Batman.

To see his killer collection, head on over to Eclectorama.

Again, well played, Chunky B!

And just for giggles, I thought I'd show my third Bat-shelf, which includes several other Bat-collectibles like PEZ dispensers, various Batmobiles, a 1966 trading card and the like. Enjoy...

(click to view full size)

Well, I better get to work on Chunky B's drawing and then I'm heading out to the store to get some more Batman figures, because clearly my collection could use a boost. ;)