Friday, February 11, 2011

Marvel Universe Ghost Rider!

Inspired by my good friend from Brazil, Fabio, I have picked up a few more Marvel Universe figures. You all probably saw the post from last week of the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends 3 pack that I posted. MU's are hit and miss with me. Some of the figures are awesome and other are utter garbage. I can't believe there is such a wide swing between one figure or another in the same toy line, but that's is how it seems to me.

However, one figure I picked up on the same day as the Spidey set was one that I have never seen in stores (mostly due to my area being very poorly supplied and lousy with scalpers), and only saw once at a toy show (for $30... see what I mean about the scalpers?), but one lovely day at Toys R Us, I spotted him, hanging on the pegs, calling out to me... the one, the only... Ghost Rider!

Ghost Rider has always been one of those characters that, although never making it into my top 10 favorites or anything, I still always considered him one of the coolest characters in comicdom. I had 2 or 3 Ghost Rider comics as a kid and thought they were killer and would later get pretty into him when he received a big boost in the early '90s.

The figure itself is absolutely KILLER! The sculpt of the skull and the translucence of the flames is just awesome. One of my favorite features is his included quasi-molten chain of pain! I was so excited to find him that I immediately went over to the toy vehicles section and looked for a motorcycle for him. Most of the 1:18 scale bikes were Japanese style crotch-rockets, but I did find this pretty cool Harley for him that... hey... wait a second...

"Woooohoooo! I'm ridin' a motorcycle, baby! How cool am I? I'm Biker Spider-Man! Aaaaawwwww YEAH!"


"Oh... ummm... yeah... my bad. Bigflameheadedjerkiwasjustsittingonit..."

Anyway, the bike is a bit small for these figures. Why is 1:18 scale so hard for toy designers to nail down? Whatevs... he looks pretty friggin cool on his new Harley and maybe one of these day's I'll bust out the glue gun and orange paints and make his a set of flaming wheels.

So there he is, kiddies! The mighty Ghost Rider! I want to thank Fabio for inspiring me to take another look at Marvel Universe figures! Thanks for reading, gang!