Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Kenner Star Wars Collection!

As I mentioned on my last video blog, I have decided to try and collect the entire original run of Kenner Star Wars figures. I'm no fool, so I know that there are a couple (Blue Snaggletooth, Yak Face) that I will probably never get, but a guy's gotta try, right?

So, I stole made this little graphic to show the progress of my collection and I've overlaid the figures that I have in red. Hopefully, through eBay, conventions and deals with fellow collectors, I'll be able to red-out the rest of this list!

Wow... I really thought I had more than that!

That having been said, if anyone has any figures on this list, not already "redded-out", that they are willing to sell, trade, give-away, throw at me or whatever, please contact me via email at ackshunphigyer [at] yahoo [dot] com.

And May the Force Be With You.