Monday, September 12, 2011

Batman Which Way Book!

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a passion for what I call "adventure books", which is any of those classic books that have the reader make decisions in order to navigate through the story without coming to a horrible and untimely end. I have amassed an impressive collection of various adventure books such as the Lone Wolf, Endless Quest and Zork series along with several other (mostly short-lived) series.

But one I have never even seen before, at least until I spotted this yesterday at my favorite used book store, is this Batman Which Way book from a series of Superpowers adventure books from 1984...

Had I found this book in 1984, I would have been 11 years old, at the dawn of my adventure book lust, and would have absolutely eaten this book alive! I mean, it's Batman combined with a choice-giving tale of adventure. What more could I want? Other than my beloved Conan Endless Quest books, what book could have been more perfect for an 11-year-old me?

I haven't read the story yet, but I just had to show it off here on the book blog, but I promise you that there's a rainy Sunday afternoon with this book's name written all over it.

Looking at the back cover, it appears that there were at least two other books in this series, a Superman and a Supergirl tale that I will now be scouring eBay for as soon as I finish typing this.

Anyway, just wanted to show this off, and if anyone knows of any other books in this series (Did they make a Green Lantern one? Or a Wonder Woman one?) please let me know!