Friday, September 16, 2011

Conan & The Thing in the Cave!

When I think of Conan, that enemy-beheading, jewel-stealing, wench-loving, blood-soaked barbarian from the Cimmeria, I think of children's books. And apparently that's what Golden Books thought of too in 1986, when they released this adorable little bedtime tale of a savage warrior running from wolves and battling an undead being in a cave.

The story is clearly taken from the classic scene in the Conan the Barbarian movie. Why they made a children's book at all is odd (but then again, they made a cartoon), but the fact that it came out a few years after the movies is even odder.

Note the other books listed on the back cover. I have several of the Master's of the Universe books, and will be posting them eventually.

So, enjoy this odd and rather simplistically-drawn tale of Conan & The Thing in the Cave!