Thursday, March 8, 2012


Calling all dorks, nerds and geeks! Now is your chance to join the mighty horde!

I have come up with an idea to use my blog, Lair of the Dork Horde, as a sort of hub for fellow like-minded bloggers. There's no real point to this idea other than experimenting with a sort of "clubhouse" kind of thing in the virtual world, that could possibly lead to all kinds of fun things (like maybe an eventual annual meet-up), but mostly act as a display of unity among the fanboy and fangirl bloggers out there, who I imagine as sort of ambassadors of all things geeky to the rest of world.

So, with this, I officially extend an invitation to all to join the Dork Horde!

What Membership Gets You:
  • Your photo and blog link posted in the "Members" section of this blog.
  • A weblink/badge for your blog/website showing your official membership in the Dork Horde. (I'm working on that.)
  • Inclusion in weekly/monthly themed posts with crosslinks to your blog. (Also working on this.)
  • And any other future benefits as we come up with them.

What You Need to Join:
A blog or website that celebrates and promotes some aspect of geekdom (for example: comics, toys, gaming, movies, books, sci-fi, fantasy TV, etc.). This website/blog needs to be rather substantial. In other words, I don't want people to just start up a free blog just to join and then never post anything on it.

Also, I reserve the right to deny membership for any reason (and future members will have a vote in the membership process or at least a voice in the regulation of memberships). This is our way of keeping out jerks. Sorry, but this is a club, and a certain amount of exclusivity is needed to make it a strong, positive organization.

If anyone has a question about any of this, feel free to email me.

What I Need From You:
  • A picture of yourself in a black hood wearing a black mask (this is our uniform; part superhero, part secret society). It's cool if you make the mask out of black paper or even Photoshopping it on (as long as it looks cool.).
  • A link to your blog.
  • What aspects of geekdon/fandom are you an ambassador of? You can choose from: comics, toys, movies, books, TV, gaming (any other specializations may be accepted on a case by case basis).

Your Member # and Title will be given to you by me, The Lord of Dorkness. Most people will be awarded the level of Hordyte at first, but there will be advancements to Horde Officer, Grand Horde Officer, High Priest, Keeper of Secrets and the occasional Honorary Hordyte (for special cases of people who have added to the geek world or to the Dork Horde itself without having an on-going blog or website).

See the Dork Horde Members section of my blog to see how the membership page will look.

Now, here are some things I would love to see happen some day:
Annual Horde Meet-ups (possibly in conjunction with a comic con or some other event).
Dork Horde T-shirts, membership cards and secret rings to be mailed out to all members.
Themed monthly posts (with crosslinks to all fellow Horde Members)
Other Horde Sponsored events (art shows/charity events/whatever else we can think of).

In Conclusion:
I know that this sounds a little odd, and in some areas a little vague, but I'm looking at this as the start of something fun, unified and designed to grow on its own with each new member and the ideas that we can produce together. It will hopefully morph and change and gel in the coming months, but I hope to eventually see it build into a larger entity with the sole purpose of promoting all of the geeky things that we love, shining a positive light on all of geekdom. If you think you'd like to be a part of that, I extend this invitation to you.

So, email your photo (remember, black hood, black eye-mask), blog/website link, and list of what areas your blog covers to reisobrien(at)gmail(dot)com, with the words DORK HORDE MEMBERSHIP in the subject line.

Now get ready, for the DORK HORDE IS CALLING ON YOU!