Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Spotted in the Wild: Hanna Barbera Toys Making a Comeback?!

Welcome to a new article series that I'm officially launching here in Lair of the Dork Horde; Spotted in the Wild! This is where I go toy shopping and take pics of stuff that catches my eye, but doesn't interest me enough to actually drop some cash on it, unless one of you can talk me into it. But really I thought this could be a fun way to just chat about what's in stores. I used to do this same thing back when I was chained to my keyboard for as their Action Figure Collecting Guide, and now I'm continuing it here, not because I thought it was a powerful form of journalism or anything. But just because I like taking pictures of toys.

Anyhoodle, without further adoodle, has anyone seen these Hanna Barbera action figures and PVC sets in stores? I ain't gonna lie, I almost dropped the cabbage on that Captain Caveman, but I wasn't sure if I liked the design. Also, if that Tom had come with a tiny little Jerry, that baby would be on my desk right now.

But instead, I just took some pics and kept on a-walkin'. Dig 'em...

I'm not sure if there are more figures and PVC sets in the series, but I'm just happy that my beloved Hanna Barbera characters are getting some love again. Sadly, I can't see these exactly selling like hotcakes, but I hope they do well, as I've love to see more. Maybe if I can get a Hong Kong Phooey and a Jabber-Jaw, I'd have to have that Captain Caveman and Fred Flintstone as well.

Oh my god. I just imagined a Jabber-Jaw action figure and got chills! I'm such a cartoon nerd.