Saturday, February 9, 2013

Introducing Dork Horde Toys!

Hey there fellow Hordytes!

I thought I'd take a moment out of my Saturday morning to fill you all in on a little fun project I've been working on.

About a month ago, our fearless Funko art director, Wilky, who happens to own an art gallery here in scenic Seattle, WA, decided to launch a new art show featuring customized and hand-made toys from all of the Funko artists. With that in mind, I started making a series of quick, simple and most of all silly, little toys for the show.

See, I completely suck as a sculptor, so where the other artists have been working on these absolutely stunning pieces, I've opted to go for quantity over quality and am hoping to skate through on simple charm, cuteness and unbridled silliness.

Thus was born the first line of Dork Horde Toys!

Each piece is a run of 6 to 8 pieces, all handmade and all a little different from the others, and every one of them will come in a plastic bag with a header card also designed by yours truly and will be available at the Tasty Gallery though the month of March, with plans to sell additional editions through a soon-to-be-launched Dork Horde Toys Etsy site.

Anyway, here are the first characters in the first line of Dork Horde Toys!

First up is Candy Scorn! The candy corn that doesn't approve!

Next we have Goldie McToof, the gold tooth with a diamond cavity!

Here's Boulder-Tron 5000! Is he stone or is he metal?!

Next up is Pooburp, the burping poop!

And don't forget about Traffic Cone Narwhal, the narwhal with a traffic cone for a horn!

We suspect that the War Boogers will be a huge hit!

And my personal favorite, the Obvious Cause of Death Ghosts! Each one died a different way! And they glow in the dark!

So, that's what I've got so far. I'll post some more pics once they're all done and in their packages with their header cards, and I'm sure I'll announce when the show opens.

Later, I'll be launching a second run of many of these toys (depending on which ones prove popular enough) and selling them on Etsy (most likely). Each one is signed and they all run around $10 a piece.

Anyway, here's to homemade toys!

(And yes, this little project is totally distracting me from my big top-secret project, which is getting a slow start. Yikes!)