Thursday, April 25, 2013

HELP! I Can't Find This Toy!

Hey gang! I turn to you, my intrepid fellow nerds, to help me find this exceedingly obscure toy from my youth.

I have been searching for years for these particular toys and I'm just about to give up.

Here's the skinny...

Way back in the late '70s (probably '77 or '78), my mom came home from the grocery store with this dinky little rack toy package that she bought for me just because she thought the toys inside were cute. And what they were, were these little stackable plastic men and each one had a different profession; a fireman, a policeman, an astronaut, etc.

I absolutely loved these little dudes and would kill to find them again.

The closest thing I have ever found was this...

The little robots in the toy above are the EXACT same size and shape of the little guys I'm looking for. But, again, mine were little human city workers.

The ones I had were carded in a similar fashion. They were just a cheap grocery store rack toy.

Anyway, if anyone knows what these are, knows where I can find some or has any helpful information whatsoever, please let me know!

Thanks, kids!