Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Vintage Disney Wonderful World Lunch Box!

So, my vintage lunch box addiction has gone full-blown. I'm in deep, people. I don't exactly know what it is that I I suddenly love about them. Perhaps it's that I've been working on tin products for the past few years and I'm starting to see the artistry in the graphics and embossing. Or maybe I just like how they look all lined up on my shelves.

Either way, you guys and gals can count on a lot more lunch-box-centric posts from me in the coming months.

My latest acquisition is this beauty of a lunch box from 1980 featuring Disney's heavy hitters within Disney World backdrops.

The front shows Mickey acting as the engineer of an old-timey railroad engine, accompanied by Pluto and only one of Donald's nephews, which is weird to think that Huey, Dewey and Louey went out and did stuff on their own every now and then. Where are the other two? At the dentist? Freaks me out.

The flip side is less exciting and I guess they were trying to promote some ice skating show. Still, that's a lot of showgirl thigh to be showing on a kids lunch box.

What I really love are the side graphics, which serve as a virtual tour of Walt Disney World. Under the handle we see  Mickey, Donald, Pluto and two of the three nephews gettin' all space-agey in a rocket ride.

We also get to see Goofy acting goofy in front of a hippopotamus...

Here's a beautiful scene of Donald going through the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Incidentally, this happens to be one of my favorite scenes on the Disneyland version of the ride.

But my favorite has to be the shot of Mickey running in mortal terror from a few Haunted Mansion ghosts...

Now, unlike most of my vintage lunch boxes, this bad boy came with a Thermos. The graphics echo the scenes from the lunch box, with more pirates, hippos, trains and ghosts.

I normally don't care about the Thermos, but if I do get one with my vintage lunch box scores, I much prefer these cylindrical ones with the graphics all the way around.

I scored this baby for about $20, but it looks like a million bucks on my shelf.

Many more lunch boxes to come!