Friday, August 9, 2013

SDCC Toy Haul Report! Crap Zombie Edition!

Yeah, yeah... I know. I'm hella slow about posting about my SDCC haul. Hopefully the sheer absurdity of what I'm posting today will make up for my laziness.

I'm not usually one for these "art vinyl" types of toys (or "hipster garbage", as the savages on 4-chan like to call them), but working on so many blind box toys lately, and the stunning amount of art vinyl at SDCC has started to sway me quite a bit. At least enough to pick up these two oddballs...

Crap Zombies! Wait... what? Well, I admit that nowhere near hip enough to know anything about these, but I had a moment while browsing around the "toy growers" area at the convention, and there was just something about their shape or size or colors that grabbed me.

I learned a bit more about the designs (and the buttloads of variations) on their website.

I wish I had some hi-brow, hipster, art-scool B.S. thing to say about their "juxtaposition of the complementary colors" or some such nonsense, but I'm just a regular schmuck who happened upon a couple of amazing little critters and had to have them.

And I'm sure their not meant to be played with (their art, for cryin' out loud!), but mad props to the artist for giving them little grippy hands, so I can make them hold laser rifles...


And that's all I have to say about that.