Friday, January 28, 2011

"Throw me the idol! I'll throw you the whip!" The Rest of My ROTLA Haul...

On Monday, I posted a video blog in which I revealed my new beloved, near-mint and complete 1982 Indiana Jones action figure. I also mentioned that I got him in a lot of four vintage ROTLA figures, and it's high time I showed them off (after all, this has turned into an impromptu "Indiana Jones Week" here on the blog). So, without further ado...

The fist figure in this lot, is the dreaded Cairo Swordsman! Made famous by his amazing sword twirling displays and his even more amazing getting shot abilities. I never had this one as a kid, and always wanted to re-enact the famous scene where Indy pops a cap in this chump, and now a life-long dream has come true.

Next up is the somewhat rare mail-away Belloq in Ceremonial Robes, from the infamous "I wouldn't open that if I were you" scene at the end of the movie. Looking at this figure, it strikes me that, for their time, these figures were astonishingly well made, with their cloth outfits and extra detailed accessories. Al of that, combined with a little extra articulation, made me wonder if the designers at Kenner had just a bit more love in their hearts for this line over the much more popular Star Wars figures.

Just look at Belloq bellow. For 1982, this was practically a work of art.

And the third, and most cherished, figure in this lot, is the lovely and courageous Marion Ravenwood. I had never even seen this figure in real life before, until it arrived in the mail last week. As a kid, desperate for ROTLA toys, which seemed to be impossible to find (despite many claims I have heard of these toys warming the pegs of toy stores all over the country and many being clearanced or destroyed due to low sales), I often wistfully gazed at a picture from a toy catalog of the Well of Souls playset, with Indy swinging on his whip, holding tight to Marion as they attempt their escape from the slithering floor of this musty tomb.

Alas, I never did get a Marion figure, and it's probably just as well. With her lacy dress and frilly panties (yes, I checked), this figure is dangerously close to a "doll" and having a doll-like girl figure back then could have been social suicide on my block.

But I have one now, and I don't care who knows it!

And of course, no Marion Ravenwood figure would be complete without her trusty (no he's not) and lively (not after eating that date) little monkey.

So, there they are; my budding collection of complete Raiders of the Lost Ark figures! I'm sure you will not be surprised to hear that I'm now considering getting the rest of the figures from this line. I mean, I've already got two of the hardest ones to find! So, now I have my own quest to go on. Which will probably call for far less tarantulas. I hope.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all enjoyed "Indiana Jones Week!"