Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bonus Post: The ECCC Dollar Bin Toy Haul!

I just got to do an extra post to show off some of the killer figures that I got for a buck each this past weekend at ECCC. You saw a couple of them yesterday in the Random Toy Pic, but I thought that their fellow cheapies needed a little spotlight, too.

So without further ado, let me introduce you all to the ECCC Dollar Bin Crew!

Like I said before, each one of these classic figures were a big whoppin' buck! Let's take a look at them individually...

First up is a classic Ugnaught, who we saw yesterday making friends with Dagget. He didn't come with any of his gear, like his purple smock, but then again, he was a dollar. In fact, none of these figures came with jack squat, but that's what eBay is for.

Here's whats-his-face from Return of the Jedi. He was one of Jabba's skiff guards, I think. I don't know, I never had him. Somebody help me out with his name. Kevin? Was that it? No... Paul?

Third in line is one of the heoes of the Battle of Endor, Nien Nunb! This dude co-piloted the Millennium Falcon with Lando against the second Death Star! They blew that business up but good, and do you know what ol' Nien did? He laughed. That's one bad dude...

And finishing up the Star Wars members of the Dollar Bin crew is the one and only Luke Skywalker in his Hoth Gear. Like I mentioned a while back, I never had this figure and just pretended that my Hoth Rebel Soldier was Luke, and now that I finally have one I feel like my entire childhood was a sham! Just kidding. But this is an awesome figure and simply exudes "Luke-ness".

And here we have adorable little Dagget from the classic Battlestar Galactica line. I did have this guy when I was a kid and ofthen pretended that he and R2D2 were best friends. When I was a kid, i thought he was just about the cutest thing ever. Looking at him again is making me rethink that original assessment. He's one freaky looking critter.

And since I was buying Dagget, I couldn't pass up this Cylon figure. I already have one Cylon figure, but you can never really have too many. Why did these figures have zero leg articulation? What a gyp!

And finishing it off, it wouldn't be my blog without at least one mention of LJN's Dungeons & Dragons line, and Bowmarc here made it home with me to join my slowly growing ranks. Granted he's completely weaponless and wearing the world's gayest armor, but he's sort of a hard one to find, so I'm considering this dude a score.

Well, that's it for the Dollar Bin Crew! I've got another article coming up tomorrow showcasing a true classic, that I have been looking for for years. See you then!