Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jumbo Whitman/Marvel Star Wars #2!

I picked this baby up a little while back for a whopping $4 at my favorite used book store, and had intended to put it in a frame and hang it in my office, because a) it's HUGE, and b) the cover art is sooooo dope. Well, I still haven't gotten around to framing it, so I thought I'd at least take some pics and share with the blogosphere.

Now, I don't have my origina;l issues of MArvel's Star Wars adaptation handy (they're boxed away right now, and I'm feeling too lazy to go dig them out), but I just don't remember the artwork being so epic and splash-pagey. This could be a side-effect of this comic being one of those jumbo, bigger-than-LIFE-magazine type of comics.

One of the things that struck me abut this book was how skillfully colored the artwork is. Much better rendering, and printing for that matter, than your usual comic from 1977. 

Of course, this was published way before ESB, so we still get treated to moments like this...


Anyway, I don't have much more to say about this comic because its sheer awesomeness is evident, so I'll just let the lushly illustrated back cover sum it up for me...