Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tales from the 25¢ Bin! Comic Strips & Cowboys Edition!

Well, it was another epic score at the 25¢ bin the other day, and you all know I just gotta show it all off right here. Check it...

We'll kick things off with a couple issues of Groo the Wanderer, one of my all-time favorites (and my #1 favorite comic back when I was 12), from the uncanny mind of Sergio Aragones (who I've met twice now and is one of the kindest people I have ever met).

Moving right along, but staying within a barbarian theme, I scored this rather beat up copy of Red Sonja. I may already have this one, but for 25¢ I'll take the risk of having a double. Seriously, who's hotter than Red Sonja? No one. That's who.

 Next up we have one of those personal gems for me when hunting for cheap comics. For some reason, I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the comic-strip based books from Whitman Comics. These books, like the Betetle Bailey one below, along with Bugs Bunny, Woody Woodpecker, Popeye and a gazillion more titles always take me back to our family road trips of my youth, when I could stock up on these comics, often sold in packs of 3 for dirt cheap, at truck stops and highway oases all across the Midwest.

And finally, we have a real specimen of comics oddity; the Spire Christian Comics issue all about Tom Landry and the Dallas Cowboys. Holy... farts. This book was released back when the Dallas Cowboys we the most popular team ever, when Tony Dorsett was a household name and the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders would show up on all kinds of late '70s variety shows (and one particular poster behind my bedroom door). But this comic isn't about all that glitz and glitter, but rather Cowboys coach, Tom Landry, and his love for Jesus Christ.

I may just have to scan this one in and post the whole thing. It's just too weirdly awesome.

So that's it for this installment from the 25¢ bin! See you all next time with the rest of this score all about a redheaded kid from Riverdale! Stay tuned.