Monday, February 20, 2012

In Brightest Day, In Dorkiest Horde...

A while back, I got thirteen different kinds of excited about the Green Lantern movie. I went out and bought a bunch of old Green Lantern comics, dove head first into the whole Blackest Night storyline, and even bought some serious Green Lantern gear, like a t-shirt and that ring/mask set that was out in stores for a hot second.

Then I saw the movie and felt completely robbed of two hours of my life. What a  piece of crap.

But back when I was still deep in the throes of Green Lantern  fever, I wanted nothing more than an actual light-up Green Lantern ring of my very own. And after a quick trip to Toys R Us, I was finally a ring-bearing member of the Corps!

Sadly, however, light-up accessories to comic book superheroes that are sold in toy stores are apparently size for (get this) children!  


Well, I should have expected as much. There's nothing like putting on an ill-fitting piece of children's superhero jewelry to really make you feel like an overgrown schmuck. So, I sat the ring to the side, had a good cry, and then went on with my life.

Fast forward a few months when I would receive a surprise package from our good friend Jboy Pacman (of  Cosmic Ark fame), and among the multitude of awesomeness contained therein, what do I find but another Green Lantern ring just like the one I already had. But there was a difference.... Jboy had customized it to fit the hands of a full-ground comic-loving nerd!

Aaaawwww YEAH! Evildoers better look out tonight! I got a power ring that fits and I'm gonna make giants green fists to punch them with!

I have no idea how he did it. My sculpting skills totally suck. Did I mention that they light up?

Anyway, my heartfelt thanks to the mighty Jboy Pacman for adding to my hero arsenal.

And now for a little cheap-looking lens flare...

That's it for today here in the Lair of the Dork Horde. I'm gonna go tie up some bad guys in glowing green nets for the police to pic up and then I'm gonna go find Ryan Reynolds and make a giant green mallet to smash him over the head with until he agrees to stop making superhero movies. See ya!