Friday, February 3, 2012

Mini Domo Gashapon!

I love me some vending machine toys (known as "gashapon" in Japan), and since my company has landed the Domo license, I've been paying extra attention to the little brown weirdo, so imagine my joy when I spotted these adorable Domo charms in a gumball machine at my local grocery store...

These little nutballs are all of 50¢ each, and it started out all innocent by plunking in a couple of quarters if I got it back in change when buying my usual Hot Pockets and Pringles, but it soon evolved into me making sure I had some extra quarters in my pocket to better my odds of getting Domos that I needed.

But come on, look how cute they are. Can you blame me?


In fact, I'll be heading up the store for lunch today. Better load up with quarters. :)