Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tales from the 25¢ Bin!

It's time again for Tales from the 25¢ Bin, where I basically show off my spoils from a recent dive into the cheap-o bin at my favorite local used book store. There's nothing like digging through the stacks for some hidden gems, toting a pile up to the cash register and then walking out only $2.50 poorer. Life is good for cheapskate comic nerds like me.

Here we go...

First up, we have Adventure Comics #1. No idea about this one. Just thought it looked cool and for a quarter it could be pretty cool, especially since I'm getting into learning more about DC characters these days.

Next we have an issue of Batman back when Jason Todd was still alive (and I don't count this HUSH/Red Hood crap, dead is dead, damn it). This was apparently back in Jason's throwing-people-off-roofs phase.

Here we have a few issue of G.I. Joe. I loved this series back in the day (as well as the toys and cartoon), and scoring a couple of issues with my numero uno favorite Joe member on the cover is pretty dope. I also have distinctly fond memories of this issue of Special Missions. I remember that it came out the summer after 8th grade just before my comic collecting would go on hiatus for most of my high school years, due mostly to the fact that all of my comics got thrown out in the Forced Purge of '87. This was one of the last comics I ever bought before they all went into the dumpster.

Here we have a one shot from Dan Brereton, who is a hell of a guy (I met him at Emerald City Comic Con a couple of years ago, and he was totally cool to chat with), and one of my favorite artists, and I'll pretty much by any comic of his that I come across. Heck, I would even have paid 50¢ for this!

And finally, the superhero that I most want to be (especially with a wife like Barda), Mister Miracle! Frankly, I think I already have these issues, but for 25¢, I grabbed them anyway, just in case.

So that's it for this latest score! Keep your peepers peeped for more upcoming Tales from the 25¢ Bin!