Friday, December 17, 2010

Batmans # 81-86!

Welcome to the final post of "Derf Week"! As mentioned earlier, my cyber-homie Freddy P (aka Derf) of Derf's Domain, sent me a killer box of toys, and it was so big that I had to devote an entire week to show it all off (and even then I'm holding a few things back for later). So, here's the final post, in which I add six Batmans to the mighty Batman shrine!

Check 'em out...

First up, we see a couple of classic Justice League style Batmans! I love these long-eared bastards! What I really liked about these two figures, is that they are both almost identical except that the one on the right has a more bluish-gray outfit and elbow and knee joints. Mmmmm... tasty articulation....

Next we have "I Love Straps & Buckles" Batman from the Animated series line. Actually, I think he came with some sort of parachute apparatus originally, but now he just looks like he finished a Houdini-esque escape. Next to him is a mystery Batman figure in that he is exactly identical to a figure I already have, which came in a McDonald's Happy Meal back in the heyday of the animated series, only that this figure is completely static with no articulation at all. Anyone know what this figure is from?

Here we have "Goth Metal" Batman! The '90s were an odd time for action figures, weren't they? Everything came pre-posed and overly muscles and all angry looking and pointy like a Ministry song played on a chainsaw. Look how grimdark Bats is here! He's got Trent Reznor wings and actually making a "scratch your face off" hand gesture! Angry, angry bats...

And finally, a beautiful figure from the Batman Returns line! I don't remember the exact name of this figure, but I remember having it at one point. This was kind of the beginning of the gazillion repaints of Bats, usually with some odd contraption clipped to him. I mean, did this happen in the movie? No! But it didn't matter to they toy companies, they just wanted to sell more toys. And I didn't mind back then, either. It just meant more Batman figures to collect. And then I realized that they were going to keep doing this a thousand times over forever and I went, "Ah, screw it." Still, this one is a beauty and really brings back memories.

Well, that's officially numbers 81 through 86! And 87 and 88 are already on the shelf, since I added the hanging Batman that you all saw in the last Random Toy Pic and the tiny little Batman that was on the pen (I carefully took him off so he could be with his brethren).

So, big crazy super duper thanks again to Derf for sending me such awesome toys! I'm currently building up a toy package to send back to you, just gotta hunt down a couple of things. ;)

Thanks for reading, gang and we'll be back to our normally scheduled blogging next week! OH MY GOD! CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE!!!!