Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Star Wars Lite Brite Brutes!

Waaaaayyyy back when I was running this other geeky blog, I had started posting these little Lite Brite style drawings I was making of Star Wars characters, all done on this free app on my iPhone. I had originally planned to do as many of these as possible, but then the blog went the way of the dodo and I never did get around to making any more of them.

I had started calling them Lite Brite Brutes. Whatever.

So, I came across these again in a folder and thought, "Hey! i need to make some more of these!" And since a lot of my time for making art has gotten sucked up by making art for money (I know that this blog has been idle for a bit, but I assure you I'm drawing every day. Just nothing that I can post here until it hits stores or gets published.), I thought it may be fun to make some more of these since they only take a few minutes each.

I plan to get back to the CARZ! thing soon, too. Anyway, here are all of the Star Wars Lite Brite Brutes I've made so far! Enjoy and look forward for more to come! (Click each image to view slightly bigger.)

And coming soon... The Empire Strikes Back Lite Brite Brutes!