Monday, April 4, 2011

The Adventures of Clawtron in San Diego!

Hey, kids! It's me, Reis, reporting from sunny San Diego, California, where I'm halfway through my work trip. I know I said that the blog would remain "radio silent" until I got back, but I found some down time and I just couldn't resist a little blogging. I have so much to show you guys, but all in good time.

Today, I just wanted to show off some pics. Inspired by Chunky B's Gonk Adventures, I decided to bring along one of my new favorite figures, Clawtron (from the Fisher Price Adventure People) and let him have a little vacation too!

So sit back and enjoy Part 1 of The Adventures of Clawtron in San Diego!

The day we left Seattle, was rainy and cloudy, as usual, and Clawtron was more than a little anxious to get on the plane.

Once on the plane, I had to explain to Clawtron that despite him being programed to pilot and navigate over 7,000 known airborne conveyances in the galaxy, he was not allowed to fly this plane.

So I did my best to keep him occupied and we shared a snack of sesame sticks and dried cranberries together.

But that wasn't enough, so as soon as we landed and met up with my friend, we all went out for burgers. Clawtron was thrilled.

He spent the first couple of days meeting the locals.

And despite his frightening countenance, it turns out that he's rather quite good with children.

Clawtron has been joining me on my daily breaks (this being a working vacation, after all) to to the Starbucks down the block, where I give my eyes a rest from the computer screens and get some other ideas sketched out. 

One new favorite pastime that Clawtron has been embracing with me is our new-found love for collecting those squashed pennies that you get at tourist traps. And believe me, they're everywhere down here!

You can't go to San Diego without going to the zoo and here I managed to snap a pick of Clawtron admiring the elephants from atop the tour bus.

Thanks to a visit to my first California swap meet (which I have heard are collector's paradises), I managed to pick up a couple of friends for Clawtron to hang out with while working. So now, he and Mutt talk a lot about motorcycles and the weird little green dude, just seems to be happy to listen to them. (I don't know who he is, so if anyone can tell me, that would be much appreciated.)

And to wrap things up for now, I thought I'd end Part 1 with a shot of Clawtron hanging out with my recently acquired Lego minifigs. Woot! Woot! Series 4!

Anyway, I'm here for another week, so I'll see you all again soon with more Adventures of Clawtron in San Diego, plus some killer toy pics from the swap meet, and a closer look at some of the awesome toys I've scored.

Adios, mi amigos!