Friday, April 29, 2011

Lego Landspeeder!

From yet another awesome toy care package from a fellow toy blogger, this time the mighty Chunky B of Eclectorama fame, comes this classic Lego Landspeeder from the first series of Star Wars Lego sets (back when the figures were all still yellow).

I missed out on this entire series when it first came out (back in 1999), so I'm pretty friggin stoked to finally get my greedy mitts on this set! I know it's kind of old, and probably worth a bit of moola, but I don't care. I just had to crack this baby open and put it together!

Since my real love for Lego centers around the minifigs over the actual building pieces (which was the other way around for me as a kid), I can't help but find this little Luke and Ben Kenobi simply adorable! Although, this Obi-wan actually looks more like a gray-haired George Lucas.

The Landspeeder itself is a gem! 

And now I can finally re-enact famous silver screen moments from A New Hope such as this scene when Ben tells these Stormtroopers to bugger off. (I don't actually have any Stormtrooper minifigs or a C3PO, so I had to improvise.)

So, thanks Chunky B! Now I can have really, really, really tiny lightsaber duels! Pzzzhheeeooowww! Vwhhhoooommm! Ptch-OW! Vwhooom! Vwhoom!