Monday, April 25, 2011

The Team Transylvania Toys That Never Were!

Yesterday, I posted some pics of some skateboard deck designs that I did that were going to be a part of this bigger brand called Team Transylvania, that would have included skateboards, t-shirts and toys.

I never really got past the concept stage for the toys, but we had planned this sort of Tech Deck/Art Vinyl kind of figure and mini skateboard combo. The figures would be all the main characters (Nashferatu, Frankengrind, Mummy Hawk, The Creature from the Empty Pool and whatever the werewolf's name was... I forget) and they'd all come with their own matching mini deck and matching carrying case.

But the sketch you see below is as far as that ever got...

(Click to see monster sized)

I think we talked about having magnets in their feet and in the decks so that they would just click onto the decks and ride off.

Such a cool idea, that will never be realized.