Friday, April 15, 2011

Oh, My Beautiful Mistress of the Dark...

Next to Lynda Carter, my biggest and longest-running celebrity crush comes in the form of leggy, black-clad wisecracking horror-host and all around Halloween Hottie, the Mistress of the Dark herself, Elvira!

I used to watch her cheesy horror movies religiously when I was a youngster and usually just wanted the stupid monster flick to go to a commercial to see the next Elvira skit. Then came her very own movie, which I watch on HBO about 20 times in one Summer alone. In fact, I always thought Elvira was a grade A TV hottie, but after that movie, where her humor really shined alongside her amazing taste in cars, it was pretty much true love forever. (Incidentally, I just saw her on American Idol this past Wednesday night; she's still looking hot!)

Anyway, after months of trying to find a decent Elvira action figure on eBay for a decent price, and passing on all of them as they were either overpriced, or gouged in the shipping, I finally found one, mint on the card, at my recent San Diego swap meet trip for a big, whopping $5!

This figure came out several years ago from a toy company that came and went pretty quickly, with no help from their inanely vapid company name. This Elvira figure is the "Witch Variant", which basically means that she came with a witch's hat and a broom instead of the boa constrictor and chainsaw of the regular figure, two accessories that were quickly thrown to the wayside; it's all about the figure for me in this case.

Not the most articulated figure, and it has those stupid "hole hands", but I don't really care. The figure was 5 clams and it's Elvira. I'm a happy guy.

Despite the no-name toy company, they actually did a really good job in capturing her likeness, especially in the face, and her costume is top notch, right down to the removable dagger on her belt.

And it wouldn't be a post about everyone's favorite Mistress of the Dark without a gratuitous shot of her... umm... assets.

So, not a great figure, but not a horrible one, either. Like I said, I'm just jazzed to finally have an Elvira on the shelf, where she can host bad horror movies for the rest of my action figures

Anyway, kiddies... unpleasant dreeeeaaaaams!


Since Bubbashelby couldn't resist asking me for naked pics of Elvira (he just can't help himself, he has no self control), I guess I'll oblige him this one time.

Sorry, gang! That's as naked as she gets. Still, kick ass wristbands, though!