Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Vintage Garbage Pail Kids Giant Stickers!

This past Sunday, I headed out to my favorite bi-annual vintage toy show that takes place right here in scenic Seattle, Washington every April and October. I always come away with some cool stuff and this time around was especially epic in regards to my toy haul. So, expect to see several posts about all of my loot from this show for the next few days.

One of the finds that isn't exactly a toy, but simply radiates a warm miasma of nostalgia nonetheless are these absolutely pristine packs of Garbage Pail Kids Giant Stickers from 1986. These hail from a time when I, like all of my friends, we downright crazy about collecting Garbage Pail Kids stickers and I have a vivid memory of one of my best friends back then buying a couple of packs of these and him giving me one that had an image of a see-through kid that said It Takes Guts to be a Garbage Pail Kid, which I promptly unpeeled and slapped onto the dead-center front of my drawing folder (basically a Trapper Keeper folder with all of my loose sheets of artwork in it).

The guy I bought them from sold them to me for a whole buck a piece, and considering that they were that price in 1986, that's not a bad deal.

The stickers are basically postcard sized reproductions of some of their more popular artwork with added corny jokes. To be honest, most of these are total groaners and I think they should have just reprinted the cards as they were in the larger format and kids would have still been stoked.

By the way, anyone remember those GPK buttons? Man, I had like 6 of those on my backpack in 8th grade.

The are definitely cool and all, and totally worth the $2 I paid for both packs, but the one thing that made this purchase an epic score was when I was fanning through the second pack I opened to find this baby...

BOO-YA! Nostalgia BOMB!