Monday, April 16, 2012

Welcome to the Seattle Pinball Museum!

I've decided that since this newer version of my blog is meant to be more of an all-encompassing record of my personal journey through Geekdom (as opposed to just about toys or books or whatever), I'm going to include more chronicles of my various adventures (and possibly start writing again about my weekly D&D nights, which I used to do on Geek Orthodox, but that's another story).

With that in mind, I have to share with you all some pics I took of one of the most amazing places I have ever seen.

This past Friday, while running around the International District (the PC name for Chinatown here in Seattle) with my boss, looking for packaging concepts for an upcoming project, my boss mentioned a place he wanted to show me. I told him to lead the way. A couple of blocks and a couple of turnarounds later, we found ourselves standing in front of the Seattle Pinball Museum.

(This pic stolen from this blog, since I forgot to take a pic of the outside)

As a kid, I was a pinball freak. Even when all of my friends were plunking quarters into Pac Man and Donkey Kong, I was the one kid who would wander over to the lonely pinball machines and give the old silver ball a launch.

The Seattle Pinball Museum is like stepping back into a classic arcade from yesteryear, filled wall-to-wall with dinging, blinking machines, all of which are playable of the general public.

Sadly, we were in a bit of a rush, so I didn't get to stay as long as I would have liked and had to quickly snap some pics of some of the machines. So, please forgive me if some are a little blurry and I couldn't get a shot of every machine because people were playing them, but I'm sure I'll go back again when I have more time.

Anyway, enjoy the pics...

If you're ever in Seattle, do yourself a favor and stop by. Bring $7 for all-day-play. You can see the Seattle Pinball Museum at:

508 Maynard Ave S
(between King St & Weller St)
Seattle, WA 98104