Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Avengers Chibis! What... What the Hell is a "Chibi"??

Over the weekend, during a fruitless search for the new G.I. Joe movie Snake eyes figure at Target, I stopped by the blind-bag/trading card section just to see what's new. The section was filled with the usual small packages filled with even small collectibles like My Little Pony dog tags (really?), and that's when I spotted these new micro collectible figures called Chibis (whatever the heck that means), and to sweeten the pot, these little packs of big-headed stylized cuties are all about The Avengers...

Still high on The Avengers after seeing the movie last weekend, and not batting an eyelash at the $2.99 price tag (I mean, you get three figures), I grabbed a pack on a whim and after opening it when I got home, I was faced with a massive wave of regret that I didn't buy several more packs.

Let's take a look at who I got. First up is the legendary Agent Coulson, one of my favorite characters and the only one besides Nick Fury to be in just about all of the latest Marvel movies, and a character who made the reverse jump from movies to comics recently.

Just look at how adorable these figures are. Look at Coulson with his little gun raised, calling in the big guns on his cell phone. That random little spot on his nose looks like some sort of an unfortunate growth, but I think its just a sloppy paint app. Still, cute figure.

Next up we have the Invincible Iron Man! Not as cute as the other figures, due to the lack of round eyes I think, but I can't really complain. It's Iron Man for cryin' out loud. 

But the real winner in the pack was this bomb-diggity little figure of the one and only Nick Fury. This little guy is bad to the ass!

I love it we badassery is combined with cuteness and these figures knock it out of the park. A major part of their cuteness (and inexpensiveness) comes from the fact that they are teensy weensy baby tiny...

So, jeeze... It looks like I've found another silly little toy to collect. But can you blame me? I gotta get that Cap and Clack Widow!

And that Thor and Hulk. And the Hawkeye. Oh, and the Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, too.

And all the others.