Monday, May 28, 2012

The Very First Dork Horde Give-Away!

Hail fellow Hordytes! It is I, your Lord of Dorkness, and I am officially kicking off the very first (and hopefully not the last) Dork Horde Give-Away!

Basically, I did a little toy shopping this weekend and managed to find a few elusive Hot Wheels cars that I already have but thought that maybe some of you may be looking for. I know that these particular Hot Wheels cars get scalped pretty hard, so I thought I'd snap them up and spread the toy love to my fellow Horde members.

And what Hot Wheels cars did I find? Why, no less that one A-Team van and two K.I.T.T.s!

One of these could be yous, however...


Not a member? No problem! You can join up RIGHT HERE!

Here's how it's gonna go down; every eligible Horde member who comments that they want a chance to get one of these four-wheeled beauties will be put on the list. Next Monday (June, 4th), I'll randomly choose three of those names and KA-BAM! they win a free Hot Wheels car!

This week will give all Hordytes a chance to throw their names into the hat (figuratively speaking, I'm not really going to use a hat) and also any prospective Horde members a chance to join up!

So speak up, my geeky brethren! Who's in?