Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Artoo & Threepio in "Shiny as a Droid"

I found this book in a used book store a while back and even though it's a little after my time (it was released in 1986, probably in conjunction with the Droids Saturday morning cartoon, by which time I was a little too old for Star Wars kids' books, much less one intended for two-year-olds), I just had to pick it up, give it a scan and post it here to forever record the myriad forms in which Star Wars fandom found its way into kids' hearts and minds.

This is basically one of those baby books, with thick cardboard pages, that has some sort of sensory interactive piece glued into each page that little tots can touch or look at or even smell.

I find the additional monsters odd, which were clearly designed at the whim of the illustrator and make absolutely no attempt to appear as thought they are from the already established, vastly rich and massively populated Star Wars universe, whatsoever. i mean, instead of that big, red Muppet knock-off, just use a Taun Taun! They're fuzzy, too. Or a Dewback for the scaly creature. Maybe there are a couple of Jawas in the rocks, instead of those random chompy plant things.

Whatever. Perhaps I'm looking too deeply into a 30 year old baby book. You be the judge.