Friday, October 28, 2011

G.I. Joe: Operation Star Raider!

I'm back with another installment of G.I. Joe adventure books! As some of you may remember from my previous post about G.I. Joe: Operation Death Stone, these books were basically choose-your-own-adventure type books all set in the world of '80s style G.I. Joe.

In Operation Star Raider, a bunch of stuff happens that's all cool and stuff. I don't know. Just like the last book, I didn't really sit down and read this one. Again, I just thought they were cool from a retro-toy-related pop cultural point of view, and they were cheap, so I just bought them, flipped through them a bit, took some pics and am now posting a little something about them.

Operation Star Raider, from a cursory glance, looks even cooler than Death Stone, especially because you get to be involved (sort of) in a knock-down-drag-out fight between Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, and back when I was 11, that's abut all I really needed in life. Oh, and the occasional gratuitous shot of  skin-tight-black-leather-clad Baroness, which this book appears to have plenty of. Mmmmm... Baroness...

In this book, the reader's codename is Wiseguy, which I firmly believe that my 11 year-old self would have thought was stupid. In fact, back in the height of my G.I. Joe fever, I actually made up a codename for myself: Night Spider. I was also a ninja, like Snake Eyes, except I carried 8 swords on me at all times (that's where the spider came in) and I wore a ninja suit that could turn invisible. Suck it, Cobra.

That's right, Cobra, you heard me. I said, suck it.