Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Dukes of Hazzard Punch-Out Fun Book!

The Dukes of Hazzard Punch-Out Fun book was published by Random House back in 1982, at the height of Dukes popularity. Now, I had no idea this book existed until a few months ago when I saw one pop up on eBay, but I can assure you that I would have been on this like Enos on Daisy if I had found in back in 3rd grade.

I first saw the book going for a Buy It Now price of $60.00 on eBay and was shocked to see it sell. Seeing a book go for that much pretty much sapped my hope for finding a copy. I started looking around use books stores and even San diego Comic Con on the off chance that I may stumble onto this. No luck. Two more copies showed up on eBay in that past few months and sadly, I was outbid every time. But a few weeks ago, another one appeared and I once again set my snipe price, not expecting much, so imagine my surprise when this baby became mine for all of $27! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa HAW!

The book is your classic punch-out-and-make-it-yourself collection of paper models of cars and scenery all based on the popular TV show. You can make the General Lee, Roscoe's patrol car, Daisy's Jeep (but no Boss Hogg white cadillac, as well as piece of scenery such as Cooter's garage, some road blocks and hay bails to ramp your paper General Lee over or smash through.

A while back, I had found some lo-res scans of just the General Lee (I can't remember where, unfortunately) and printed them out and built it (taking a few liberties) and am thrilled that I can now build the entire collection!

To build a set for yourself, just click on the thumbnails below, save the full size image, print out on card stock (for sturdiness), cut out with an X-acto knife, score along the fold lines with a ruler and blunt edge such as a butter knife (you'll have to use a little detective skill and imagination to see where the score lines should go), and follow the directions. Note: You may want to use a little Elmer's fast-drying paper glue in spots, even though the instructions don't call for it.

Good luck and have fun, y'all!