Monday, June 11, 2012

The Return of the McRobots!

I posted a couple of pics ages ago showing of my humble collection of McDonald's transforming little cheeseburgers and french fries (man, the toy world is weird). Here's the original shots...

I had always meant to get around to finishing off the collection, but never did, because there are umpteen-gazillion other toys and collectibles that call to me and cause me to have the collector's attention span of a puppy in a kiddie pool full of squeaky balls.

But thanks to Brian's Box of Plenty that he recently sent me (thanks again, Brian!), I've now been able to add a few more to collection...

Da-da da da daaaah! I'm lovin' it!

Check out those awesome little robots disguised as a quarter pounder, a milkshake, a small fries and the paint variation of the new large fries.

I love these toys to no end. I'm not so stoked about the later dinosaur versions, but I am totally re-energized in my efforts to hunt down the rest of the robot series.

And if any of you are sick of me blogging about the stuff Brian sent me, too bad. That box was full of awesomeness, so buckle in. ;)