Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Return of the Return of the Galaxy Laser Team!

You all may remember a post I wrote a few days ago about the new Galaxy Laser Team figures (Eric wrote up a killer review of them as well on Toyriffic). Well, it reminded me that I had scored a couple of Mexican bootlegs of Galaxy Laser Team figures a while ago in a huge lot of toys that I bought off a guy in a toy forum, and for some unexplainable reason, never wrote about them.

Now that I'm once again inflicted with GLT Fever, I thought I'd dig them out and show them off.

Below are examples of GLT's little droid, who I've affectionately dubbed R3-D3 (As in R-Squared-D-Squared, because he's square! Get it?!). The white one is an original from the late 70s and the black and gray ones are from the reissues.

But I've had these Mexican bootleg R3-D3s for over a year now, stored away in a box, and today they finally get their moment in the spotlight. Just look at the plastic atrocities...

Like I said before, I got them in a big lot of small toys from a fellow toy collector and the seller had no idea how he got them or where they are from (he was kind of a strange dude), but I did a little online research and found several examples of these from Mexico in a multitude of color and in varying degrees of quality, which is clearly lack in my examples. The plastic looks cheap, the molds look warped and they're overall just just plain crap-ola.

Check out one of the bootlegs next to the original.

But, if you know me, all these flaws just make me love them more and the completist in me gets jazzed about collecting them all together. Just look at my glorious R3 units...

I may just have to start actively searching again for more examples of these figures. Ebay, here I come!

May the Farce be with You.