Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lego Monster Fighters Swamp Creature!

Okay, I fought and I fought against buying any of the new Lego Monster Hunter sets, but great balls of hellfire, these sets are probably the awesomest Lego sets ever created.

I spent about 20 minutes looking at each set at Target the other day, and came so close to just pulling the trigger and buying every darn one of them, but cooler heads prevailed and I opted to just whet my whistle with one little set. But in little packages come amazing Lego minifigures and as soon as I laid eyes on that adorable little swamp creature, I had to have it.

I actually really love Lego sets, especially these little ones that I can put together and fiddle around with while on my lunch break or something. There's just something about a brand new little pile of bricks and parts that get's my heart pumping.

I won't go into the set too much. I mean, it's cool and all. I dig the swamp boat thingy and the gun-totin' greaser dude is pretty rad, but these are the parts that will probably just end up in my small lego tub never to be pulled out again.

No, the real reason for buying this set is for this glorious green ghoul right here...

Jeezey petes! Look at those awesome bulgy eyeballs and those needle-like teeth! The headpiece alone is like nothing I have ever seen on a Lego figure.

One of the other pleasant surprises with this set was this little green frog piece. Totes adorbs...

So, now I have a Gillman for my Lego monster menagerie, and he just fit's in perfectly...

Again, just writing about this series is giving me the itch to go get more, but my toy-allowance needs to be reserved for the upcoming San Diego Comic Con. But I can't stop thinking about that Vampire jalopy or that Ghost Train set.

Anyway, time will tell if I give in or not. But I'll try and stay strong.