Sunday, July 1, 2012

State of the Horde Address - July 2012

Aye dios mio! Has another month gone by already?! It's time once again for another State of the Horde Address!

First off, I'd like to give a hearty "Welcome to the Horde!" to Jeremy and Malcolm from Unpunched who joined the Horde last month, giving the Horde a total of 16 members! We're honored to blog at your sides, gentlemen.

Second order of business involves me doing a little personal pimping of my company's new Mixo blog. I've taken it upon myself to not only fulfill my duties as Art Director and designer for the company, but to also be the dude who handles all of the social networking and whatnot. I thought a blog would be a cool way to show off sneak peeks, make announcements and all that jazz. I've linked the blog up with our Mixo Facebook page and our Mixo Twitter (@KookyTweets). If you're the type who digs geeky collectibles (like our figural tins or papercraft figures), please swing by and check us out! Okay, I'll stop shilling for my company now.

Thirdly, I want to make a couple of small announcements about my upcoming art show and further art projects. Basically, I've been hustling to catch up and get all of the artwork done for my rapidly-approaching art show, VROOOM!, which kicks off in August and has a tentative opening date of August 11th (you can see some samples for the show HERE). After I get done with that, I'm going to get back to working on my list of paybak art that I promised people eons ago and have since gotten away from.

You see, I had come up with this grand idea of making pieces of art for anyone who had ever sent me something like a toy care package or a stack of comics or books or what-have-you. Then I was going to go have the pieces all printed out on super nice paper, sign them and then mail the out to their recipients. You can see some examples of the couple of pieces that I did get around to doing (but not mailing out) HERE, HERE, and HERE. Then I got lazy and tried to do these simpler pieces of art that consisted of these little tooth-shaped characters I was calling TEEFS, and I did a couple of those too, but now I think they suck and am going back to the original style. So, for those of you that I did TEEFS for, skratch that, I'm going to hook you up with something better. Also, I have to add a couple of new people to the "payback list". You know who you are.

All that having been said, I won't be able to get on those until August, and should hopefully finish them all off soon after. But I just wanted those who were awesome enough to send me some cool stuff to know that it's totally appreciated and I'm going to pay you back with some original art very soon!

Well, that pretty much wraps things up here.

Of course, I always want to take a sec to invite other fellow bloggers and ambassadors of geekdom to JOIN THE HORDE!

Later, gators.