Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Avengers Movie Black Widow Action Figure is My New Girlfriend

I don't get tooo crazy about upcoming action figures like I used to. Every now and then I get a sneak peek of one and slip into just-gotta-have-it mode, but it's not as often as it used to be. I did this most recently with the latest G.I. Joe Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow figures.

But when I first saw images of the Avengers movie Black Widow figure, I instantly fell in love.

But let's be honest here; This isn't so much about a Black Widow figure as it's about the fact that I finally have a Scarlett Johansson figure. Scarlett's been on my "list" for years now, and I admit that I spent most of Iron Man 2 and The Avengers having heart palpitations and trying to keep myself from turning into a whistling cartoon wolf like in an old Tex Avery cartoon.

This is the figure that we waited for after Iron Man 2, but which never hit toy shelves. Well, it was worth the wait. Just look at this sheer gorgeousness...

One of my biggest concerns was weather or not they captured the face of Scarlett, and they didn't do too bad. From straight on, the face looks a little off...

The figure itself is brilliantly sculpted, with sublime paint applications. The simple black jumpsuit with subtle gray piping is awesome. The articulation on the figure was along the same lines and many of Hasbro's Marvel Universe figures, with pivoting elbows and those double-jointed knees that I have mixed feelings about. The look a little weird, but they can make for some kickass poses.

Black Widow comes with a matching pair Glock 26s. Her right hand is molded with a trigger finger, so she holds the gun beautifully there, but the left hand is a basic "C" grip and makes her hold her spare pistol like it's got poo on it or something. Oh well. You can also tell from this pic that the side view of her face looks much more like Scarlett.

Again, why do action figures need to come with this crap? I mean, what the hell is this thing? Lame...

To wrap up, I guess I've made it pretty clear that I love this action figure. I should probably shut up about it before I really start sounding like a total weirdo. Well, even more so that I already do, I guess.

I've so far managed to avoid buying any more of the other Avengers figures, but I may just have to go get the rest, just so I can re-enact that scene where the camera pans around and they're all looking badass and ready to fight the bad dudes from space.

But I get the feeling that I just won't feel the same about my Jeremy Renner figure as I do about this one. Which I love. In case you missed that.