Saturday, July 7, 2012

Long Ago, in a Teeny Tiny Galaxy Far, Far Away...

Okay, it's official, I really really love micro collection Star Wars toys!

A while back, I blogged about two small Star Wars figures of Han and Chewie that I found at a toy show. This led to a discussion of the micro collection Star Wars toys. Then that led to my good friend down in Santo Domingo, Fabio, sending me his very own micro collection Star Wars toys from his childhood.

When they arrived, I fell in love.

How adorable are these?! Reenacting the whole Luke cutting Boba Fett's blaster in half scene on this scale is just too much fun!

And speaking of which, how awesome is this teeny weeny little Boba Fett?

Fabio also included these tiny Speeder Bikes with a little Luke and Leia riding them. Now I just need some really small trees for them to avoid.

 But the mystery remains! Once I saw how small these figures were, I realized that the figures I found at the toy show and the ones sent by Fabio are NOT the same at all! Luckily, he sent me a Chewbacca for comparison...

So what gives? I'm dying to know what toy line my first mini-Chewie came from. Inquiring minds want to know.

Again, mad, mad thanks to Fabio for hooking me up! Usted es un buen amigo!