Monday, July 23, 2012

The Dark Knight Hot Wheels 5 Pack!

Only a week after I stood in front of the actual Tumbler from the Dark Knight, I stumbled across this gorgeous 1:64 scale beauty, perfect for my movie and TV toy vehicle collection! And it was just a bit of a bonus that it came with a few other vehicle that one would see racing through the streets of Gotham City.

I just had to have this sweet ride to add to my Batmobile collection. Look at that sleek, matte black menace to criminals!, Granted, the Tumbler is not exactly my favorite Batmobile, but it is an important slice of silver screen Batman history. My only quibble with the toy is the yellow windows. Gloss black or smoked windows would have been better, in my opinion. But again, that's a small nit pick.

In the I Would Have Loved This As a Kid category, this Gotham City PD patrol car is actually pretty sweet. When I was a kid, I always loved my Metropilis PD patrol car from Ertl (or was it Corgi?), and of course, I had to have no less than three Hazzard County Sheriff's cars.

One of my favorites from this set is this Gotham City armored transport vehicle. The chrome on it is spectacular! And besides, you need something for the Joker to rob, right?

Speaking of the Joker, the set comes with this sort of "Joker Jalopy". While it's cool, it's not based on anything from movies or TV that the Joker ever drove. Basically, when a company releases a set like this, it's going to contain a few repaints to save on tooling costs and whatnot. It's cool, but I'm not doing cartwheels over it.

And while we're talking about underwhelming vehicles, if this repainted helicopter was a robot, it would be named Lame-a-Tron 5000. There's nothing about this chopper that screams "Batman". It looks like a big mechanical bee. Still, I suppose that the folks at Hot Wheels had a slot to fill and they filled it.

Overall, this set is killer! Like I said, I only really wanted the Tumbler (I don't think it was ever released individually, but someone correct me on that if I'm wrong), and at a whopping $4.49, you can't beat it.

I'm seriously fighting the urge to get down on the kitchen floor right now and have a harrowing chase with the Joker Jalopy trying to run the armored car off the road, a hapless GCPD patrol car giving chase, and coming up fast from behind, and gaining rapidly, is the one and only Batman.