Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The SDCC Batmobile Display from Warner Brothers

One of the best things I saw the entire weekend was the Warner brothers display out on the lawn outside of the convention center (just in front of the Marriot) of all 6 movie Batmobiles (the '66 Batmobile was technically in a movie, you know). It was surreal standing in front of them. it was like I could just jump in any one of them and drive it away, and don't think I didn't think about it. Even my two least favorite Batmobiles (the Batman & Robin and Batman Forever ones) were pretty impressive in person.

Although I have to say that I feel a little cheated by the 'new" Batmobile. It's basically the same Tumbler from the other two Nolan Batman films, just painted all sandy camouflage style. Sort of lame. Also, the 1966 (my personal favorite) looked a little odd with the neon orange highlights, instead of the usual red. Not that that would have stopped me from totally stealing it.

Still, bat-awesomeness times a gazillion. Check it...