Monday, December 10, 2012

Here Comes Lego Santa Claus, Here Comes Lego Santa Claus, Right Down Lego Santa Claus Lane...

Yay! I finally have a Lego Santa Claus in my collection! And it's all thanks to the amazing Ron R. from Ron's Random Stuff. He hosted a little give-away last week, to help get himself and everyone else in the holiday spirit, and so he sent me this little jolly old elf. I've been slowly building a collection of toy Santa's for a few years now, adding a new St. Nick to the display every Christmas, and I had been dying to get a Lego one. Now he's here and he's even cuter than I imagined.

Ron sent along a couple of other cool items including these brilliant little vending machine monster finger puppets. He did a little right up about these rubbery creepazoids a while back and I'm completely in love with them and their gruesome little faces...

But the real surprises came in the form of these two smashed pennies from the Buffalo Zoo!

I'm an avid smashed penny collector and love getting ones from friends around the country to places I hope to one day visit. These two would make excellent showcase pieces on an episode of Penny Hunter.

Anyway, I can't thank you enough, Ron! I, for one, am now fully into the Christmas spirit.