Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween from Darth Adidas!

from Darth Adidas
Hey! Look at My Toys!

I'm the Lord of Sith, there is none higher
Sucker Jedis should call me sire
To burn Alderaan, you must use fire
I won't stop Darthin' till I retire!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tales from the 25¢ Bin! Arak, Son of Thunder!

As a kid, I always thought of Arak (or Bright Sky After Storm to his friends) as basically the Native American version of Conan, and considering that he was created by Roy Thomas, that stands to reason.

I only had a couple of Arak issues when I was a kid and never had his Remco action figure, much to my dismay, since I always thought he'd make an excellent stand in for Conan in my MOTU adventures.

Still, I spotted these in the bin and snatched them up! I'm actually really looking forward to kicking back with these later and sinking into the world where a Native American, who father was a thunder god, traveled with Vikings and fought against Romans. Weird...

Halloween Monster Party! The Bloodsucker Banquet!

Friday, October 28, 2011

G.I. Joe: Operation Star Raider!

I'm back with another installment of G.I. Joe adventure books! As some of you may remember from my previous post about G.I. Joe: Operation Death Stone, these books were basically choose-your-own-adventure type books all set in the world of '80s style G.I. Joe.

In Operation Star Raider, a bunch of stuff happens that's all cool and stuff. I don't know. Just like the last book, I didn't really sit down and read this one. Again, I just thought they were cool from a retro-toy-related pop cultural point of view, and they were cheap, so I just bought them, flipped through them a bit, took some pics and am now posting a little something about them.

Operation Star Raider, from a cursory glance, looks even cooler than Death Stone, especially because you get to be involved (sort of) in a knock-down-drag-out fight between Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, and back when I was 11, that's abut all I really needed in life. Oh, and the occasional gratuitous shot of  skin-tight-black-leather-clad Baroness, which this book appears to have plenty of. Mmmmm... Baroness...

In this book, the reader's codename is Wiseguy, which I firmly believe that my 11 year-old self would have thought was stupid. In fact, back in the height of my G.I. Joe fever, I actually made up a codename for myself: Night Spider. I was also a ninja, like Snake Eyes, except I carried 8 swords on me at all times (that's where the spider came in) and I wore a ninja suit that could turn invisible. Suck it, Cobra.

That's right, Cobra, you heard me. I said, suck it.

Halloween Monster Party! The Werewolf Wedding Crash!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Artoo & Threepio in "Shiny as a Droid"

I found this book in a used book store a while back and even though it's a little after my time (it was released in 1986, probably in conjunction with the Droids Saturday morning cartoon, by which time I was a little too old for Star Wars kids' books, much less one intended for two-year-olds), I just had to pick it up, give it a scan and post it here to forever record the myriad forms in which Star Wars fandom found its way into kids' hearts and minds.

This is basically one of those baby books, with thick cardboard pages, that has some sort of sensory interactive piece glued into each page that little tots can touch or look at or even smell.

I find the additional monsters odd, which were clearly designed at the whim of the illustrator and make absolutely no attempt to appear as thought they are from the already established, vastly rich and massively populated Star Wars universe, whatsoever. i mean, instead of that big, red Muppet knock-off, just use a Taun Taun! They're fuzzy, too. Or a Dewback for the scaly creature. Maybe there are a couple of Jawas in the rocks, instead of those random chompy plant things.

Whatever. Perhaps I'm looking too deeply into a 30 year old baby book. You be the judge.

Halloween Monster Party! The Mummy Masquerade!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Friday, October 21, 2011

21 Ghosts! Ghost #21: Haunted Mansion Edition - The Bride!

The 1976 Superhero Catalog!

Remember those killer, hand-drawn toy ads found in comics books back in the day? Well, this is like and entire comic book of nothing but those ads. I had a blast poring through this book (which I scored a couple of years ago at Emerald City Comic Con), thinking to myself, I want that, and that, and two of those. It's like a 1,000 ton nuclear nostalgia bomb. The prices alone are shocking. No matter how you slice it, 1976 was a good time to be a superhero fan. Enjoy...