Thursday, September 30, 2010

CARZ! Ecto 1!

Okay, I admit that this one took me about 15 minutes, far longer than my usual 8-10 minutes. Whatever. A vehicle of this magnitude deserves a little extra attention.

Seriously, people, I'm friggin LOVING this series! I made a big long list of various vehicles to do and I'll try to do one or two a day, depending on spare time. This one is my favorites so far. (Click to view Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man sized.)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

CARZ! - The A Team Van!

Okay, I'm having way too much fun with these. I had a spare 10 minutes at lunch an decided to knock out another one. But I'm so badass that I rocked this sweet ride out in 8 minutes! (Click to view B.A. Baracas sized)

CARZ! - 1966 Batmobile!

How long did you all really think I'd wait to draw this car? Done in less than 10 minutes! Holy speedy drawing, Batman! (Click to see Penguin sized.)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

CARZ! - General Lee

So, every morning around 10:00 AM I watch all the smokers at my job go out and have a death stick. Since I don't smoke any more, I kind of get robbed out of a 10 minute break. LAME! So I thought it would be cool to see what I could draw in 10 minutes, and decided on the theme of "Famous Vehicles from TV & Film!" So that's what I did.

I drew this General Lee in under 10 minutes! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee HAW! (Click to see it Boss Hogg sized!)

I'm thinking I'll have to do several of these. I'm going to call the series "CARZ". Clever, eh? Anyway, it's healthier than smoking. :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Little Batman!

Okay, my sad Batman from earlier was making me depressed, so I had to fix it. Here's happy Batman!

There. I feel better now. :)

Sad Little Batman :(

So while I was waiting for some files to download (our network here at my job is hella slow),  started doodling this little Batman guy. He was supposed to look all chubby and cute and badass, but he ended up looking sad. Not sure what he's so sad about. Maybe he threw his Batarang and it never came back.

Poor little Batman...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Drunk Punk!

I did this logo last Fall for a company in Amsterdam. Despite its apparent messiness, a ton of work went into it to get it to look just right. And if you're curious about what "Drunk Punk" is, it's a pill you take before you go out drinking so you won't be hungover the next day. I have no idea if it works, but I know that the logo looks mighty kick ass on a bottle. If I do say so myself.

Friday, September 17, 2010


I did this poster for a burlesque show last fall/winter and the whole thing had this "freakshow" theme, so when I did the rough sketch of it, I naturally tried to cram as much freakishness into it as possible. This is how one ends up with a two-headed, snake-charming, burlesque dancer.

Of course, that was a bit too freaky for the client, so I had to take out a head, and at one point the devil tail was in question. But I got to give the gal a mustache, so that sort of makes up for the removed second head. Here's the second round of art...

By the way, you all can click on the pics to see them bigger. Just sayin'. :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010


One day at work, we were trying to come up with some interesting ideas for plush toys for boys. We wanted something like Ugly Dolls, but not so cutie patootie. So I jumped on Illustrator and started making things with basic shapes and before I knew it, these snot-green monstrosities came out of my brain and the BOOGORZ were born!

Needless to say, they weren't used.

They look a lot like this cycloptic city-destroying monster I did back in school for the animated intro to The Super Danger Action Team, so I guess I wasn't done with making green nasties with staring orbs and chompy mouths. What can I say. I'm nothing if not devoted.

I named them Clampor, Tentaclon, Double Chomp, Huggor, Slugfang, Oculon and Sleech.

Aren't they the cutest?

RPG Book Illustrations!

Today's post involves a couple of pieces of artwork that I did for this locally published RPG book this past Spring. In this case, I was asked to draw various things that they needed for the book and was given a pretty fair amount of creative license to do the work in any style I wanted, so this was a pretty fun project.

The first thing they needed was this half goat half human creature decked out in adventuring gear. I love this piece because it represents a moment when I was trying out a new style and just running with it.

I was also asked to do some weird sea creature spot illustrations, which the art director didn't like at first, but I think they made it into the book anyway.

So there's today's artwork post! I'll see what else I can dig up.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Oh Snap! It's My Mutha Effin Art!

Hey people. It's me. Reis. The former High Priest of Geek and now just a lowly full time professional artist making his way in the world, not unlike David Banner, walking the roads of the world, helping those in need and turning green when he got mad. Except I don't help people in need. I just make art. But I do sometimes turn green when I get mad.

Anyhoodle, I decided to start up an art blog where I show off and talk about my art in a bald-faced, shameless display of narcissism and hubris.

So, here it is. I hope you all dig it.

Oh, and see those cute little monsters up there? Yeah. I drew those. Word.