Tuesday, July 26, 2011

SDCC Swag Report Sneak Peek!

Holy guacamole... I am friggin tired! I got home last night from San Diego and still feel like I'm recovering. And to really test the limits of my endurance, i now have to pack up an SUV and head out tomorrow morning for a week of camping. Good grief.

But, before I take off to go live in the woods like Grizzly Adams, I thought I'd give everyone a quick sneakypoo peekypoo at all the great stuff I brought home from the con! I'll blog in further detail about all of these goodies in due time. But for now, let's get a gander... (go clickety click to make them biggety big)

First up, we have a couple of lovely toys that I did manage to pick up for a couple of homies, along with some other goodies just for me. I grabbed very few comics for some reason, only picking up this Savage Sword of Conan trade, the early 80s Superman digest and the New Gods book because they were hella cheap. The Four Horseman cat-lady figure is the October Toys exclusive and I got that one just because I was suddenly taken with the concept of cat ladies. The October Toys guys are wicked cool dudes, by the way. If you're ever at a con and they're there, go say hi. The devil notebook was a gift from Flapjack Toys (close friends of mine).

A few oddities that I managed to grab were these two Dukes of Hazzard issues of Cracked Magazine which will take their rightful place on my Dukes shelf. The Mil Mascaras drawing is an original which my boss bought for me while we were there.And the various papercrafts are there because, since a major part of my new gig is designing papercrafts, I'm  going a little nutso about collecting any examples I find.

Of course, no trip to SDCC is complete without amassing a massive mass of luchador masks! The top right one is my official "El Mixo" mask (that's our impromptu convention mascot). The one on the top left is based on The Phantom! But the real prize, a gift from my good friend Tom Freak, who I finally got to meet in person (and his lovely wife), is this professional grade mask (dead center) of the Argentinian TV hero, The Red Knight! Tom, you are too good to me, my friend. :)

But this wouldn't be a toy blog if I didn't show off some toys! I snagged everything from this vintage E.T. mask (another gift from the boss), to an Imperial Wolfman (finally!), to a Bag o' Zombies (October Toys again), to several vintage Star Wars figures (the "naked" Imperial Guard is custom fodder for my very own Headman figure), to a sweet Secret War Spider-Man, to a pile of small, plastic DC Superheroes figures from Argentina (again, a most generous gift from Tom Freak). I would have bought more, but I was beginning to worry about the strength of my suitcase and I tried to keep in mind my recent decision not to buy too many toys all willy nilly.

All in all, not a bad haul. (Hey! That rhymed!) Like I said before, I'll go into more detail on a lot of these toys later, but right now I have to go cram a gazillion pounds of camping gear into a rented SUV. Wish me luck and I'll see you all next week!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Hey gang! I'm having an unbelievable blast here at SDCC and I thought I'd share some pics of my many misadventures from the Con, so if you want to get a gander, just head on over to my Flickr account and check out the SDCC 2011 set. I'll be uploading even more pics so feel free to keep checking back. :)

Reis' SDCC 2011 Flickr Set

Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Kenner Star Wars Collection!

As I mentioned on my last video blog, I have decided to try and collect the entire original run of Kenner Star Wars figures. I'm no fool, so I know that there are a couple (Blue Snaggletooth, Yak Face) that I will probably never get, but a guy's gotta try, right?

So, I stole made this little graphic to show the progress of my collection and I've overlaid the figures that I have in red. Hopefully, through eBay, conventions and deals with fellow collectors, I'll be able to red-out the rest of this list!

Wow... I really thought I had more than that!

That having been said, if anyone has any figures on this list, not already "redded-out", that they are willing to sell, trade, give-away, throw at me or whatever, please contact me via email at ackshunphigyer [at] yahoo [dot] com.

And May the Force Be With You.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Marvel Heroes Thumb Heads!

Once again we visit the wonderful world of vending machine (or gashapon) toys with these little oddities that I originally saw in a machine outside of a local movie theater, but then (and this is a sign of the times) instantly thought, "I bet I can just buy all of these on eBay." Turns out I was right.

Ladies and germs, I present to you the Marvel Heroes Thumb Heads! Or whatever they're called. I just made that up.

Basically, what they are are little rubber "masks" that you're supposed to fit over your thumb for those harrowing bouts of thumb wrestling that tend to happen while at recess, or on the bus, or standing in line at the bank, or while having dinner with your in-laws. I really don't know if kids today are still thumb wrestling, but when I was a lad it was right up there with playing paper football and pencil fights.

Let's take a look at these...

As you can see, these are clearly made by the same folks who designed the little Marvel big-headed gashapon figures that I rambled on about a couple of weeks ago. you can see by their faces

And, although I'm well aware of their original purpose, I couldn't help but notice that these make excellent masks for just about any action figure in the collection. Look! Instant Secret Wars collection!

Of course, they never made a Secret Wars Hulk, but I digress.

Anyhoodle, that's all for today! Excelsior, True Believers!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Random Toy Pic #31

I'm So Full of Myself...

So, despite the fact that I still have like 60 cars to draw for the VROOOM! series, or that I still have several Payback drawings to do for people, I have instead been wasting precious minutes drawing pictures of myself to post as my Facebook profile pic for no other discernible reason other than sheer, unadulterated, shameless narcissism. Granted, each drawing has taken me about 3 minutes to draw, and I usually do them while waiting for my Hot Pocket to heat up in the microwave.

But if the act wasn't self-centered anough, now I'm going to post them all right here, right now, whether anyone wants to see them or not.

So there.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Freaky Geeks!

You find the weirdest stuff on eBay. Case in point: I present to you asmall collection of hideous denizens of the miniature toy world, a little gang of vending machine miscreants known as Freaky Geeks!

One of the benefits of eBay is finding whole collections of vending machine toys without having to hunt them down in the foyer of some shopping outlet and then plunk quarter after quarter into the machines before you get a complete set.

I don't know squat about these critters other than they were cheap and freaky. much like many of my ex-girlfriends.

 Ladies and germs, meet: Cy-fi...







...and Stinky!

I was planning on writing a big, long diatribe on the gross-out lovableness of such toys, harkening back to the Rat Fink days of weirdo monsters often driving hot-rods or balancing on surf boards, but I think these nut-balls speak for themselves. 'Nuff said!