Saturday, June 15, 2013

Little Round-Headed Wooden Spidey!

Hey gang! Long time no blog, eh?

Well, I found myself with a few minutes before we head out to a cookout, so I thought I'd share some pics of this brilliant little wooden toy that was given to me by my co-worker.

That's one of the benefits of working in the design department of a toy company; we're always coming across cool toys, and if it's not really your cup of tea, one of your fellow designers is sure to love it. And since I'm the one with a pretty impressive Spider-Man display (but, believe it or not, only the second largest Spider-Man collection in the building) this little round-headed Spidey got passed on to me...

The simplicity of this figure just warms my heart. His design is like a Fisher-Price Little People mixed with a squeaky bath toy and then made completely out of carved wood.

Each line is etched in and the paint applications are applied with a careful hand.

We actually couldn't find much about the figure. my co-worker got it as a freebie from some Japanese company around the time of the latest Spider-Man movie premiere. I guess a few of these were floating around the office at his previous job and he grabbed one.

And since it was made for the latest movie (which I still haven't seen), he has those unfortunate yellow eyes, which I'm seriously tempted to paint over with white, but I'm worried that it may be shockingly rare and worth a gazillion dollars or something.

And even if he is, that still may not stop me.

Anyway, a brilliant new piece for the Spidey shelf. Yet another reason to love my job.

'Nuff said.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Help Identify This 2-Headed Mystery Monster!

Hey gang! This morning, my co-worker gave me a handful of creepy little toys and this double-noggined monstrosity was among them. We have no idea where he's from. Is he new? Vintage? From a playset or a gumball machine? No idea.

So if anyone can help identify this chap, chime in!