Thursday, November 1, 2012

State of the Horde Address & October Wrap-Up!

Hey kids! Welcome back to your regularly scheduled program!

Now that the 2012 Halloween Countdown has finished, it's time to get back to the serious business of blogging about all things geeky. I had a lovely little break from my usual daily blogging schedule, but I can't lie; I really missed it. Still, I had such a blast reading everyone's Halloween themed posts and I must thank you all for helping to keep me in the Halloween spirit 24-7 for 31 days straight.

Let's take a look at what went down "behind the scenes" here in the Lair of the Dork Horde while we were taken over by a multitude of vintage Halloween costume posts.

First up, I have several shout-outs to... er... shout out, to a few fine folks who sent me some goodies this past month.

The first shout out goes to the mighty Shawn Robare from one of my all-time favorite blogs, Branded in the 80s, who hooked me up with some Kroger exclusive Halloween Hot Wheels (including the much coveted 1966 Batmobile Halloween repaint) along with a glorious stack of trading cards/stickers and two of the cutest Pac-Man toys I have ever seen. More on all of these later. Thanks Shawn!

Next shout-out goes to fellow Horde member, Derek from Goodwill Hunting for Geeks, for hooking me up with a massive pile of California Raisins! I'll go into further detail on these little purple marketing critters in a later post. But they arrived in the Lair in conjunction with a little customizing project that G.G. and I are working on. Again, more on that later. ;) Thanks again, Derek!

Next up, we've got a shout-out to the incomparable Dex1138 from AEIOU and Sometimes Why? for not only totally surprising me with this brilliant little "scare package" shown below, but for also doing a stellar job hosting his first Great Pumpkin Gift Exchange. It's things like this that the Dork Horde is all about. This was a perfect way to celebrate the brother/sisterhood of geeks and to spread the fun of Halloween amongst us all. Yoou, sir, are a tribute to everything the Horde stands for.

And because of this, with the power invested (by myself) in me as the Lord of the Dork Horde, I officially promote Dex1138 from the rank of Hordyte to Horde Officer! Which, right now, pretty much means nothing, but feel free to brag about it for a second, Dex. ;) Congratulations, sir!

And speaking of The Great Pumpkin Gift Exchange, I have to show off this amazing gift from my "patcher" (who will remain unnamed for the moment, because I'm not sure if he wants his name out there). Check out this unbelievably clever little My Pet Ghost. At first I was like, "What the heck? An empty bottle?", but then I hit the button on top and my eerily howling little pet phantom showed himself...


So awesome! So, thanks to my "patcher"! Or I guess I'm the patcher and he was my great Pumpkin. Either way, the gift was seriously appreciated. :)

And since we're on the subject of Halloween, I thought I'd share a couple of shots of this year's costume...

Ch... ch... ch... Ah... ah... ah...

In other news, since I've started working at Funko (which is pretty much turning out to be the dream job I've always wanted), my collection of Funko items has grown by leaps and bounds. So expect a lot of Funko-centric posts in the near future. You've been warned.

Also, I made a trip to my favorite local twice-yearly vintage toy show and came away with a pretty good haul...

That's just a taste of what I brought home! Again, more on all of these items later.

And finally, it wouldn't be a State of the Horde Address if I didn't take a second to welcome the Horde's newest member, Jason Voorhees from Jason Voorhees's Blog! Welcome Jason!

And that's pretty much it, gang! The month of November will see the Lair getting back to its usual blogging schedule. But get ready, because the Christmas season is right around the corner!

This year, the Lair will be hosting its own Secret Santa gift exchange (open only to Horde members) and the 2nd Annual Action Figure Nativity Contest (open to everyone)!

Until then, kiddies, FOR THE HORDE!!!